Welcome on my site.

My name is Anna Ruszkowska and provide top quality animals grooming and professional services.

I created special place where our pets feel comfortable and safely, and also for owners who can spend time quietly.

To my Animal Spa (Beauty Salon for Animal) – PSI HILLTON I invite all types of dogs – the big and also small are welcome !

I would like to share my love and commitment in animal care.

Please find the best location for you:

Animal Spa Salon & Hotel:

I also offer PSI HILLTON TAXI services - I can pick your dog and after visit I'll drive him back home.

All the customer I will treat individually, I don't use any sedative !

Me – Anna Ruszkowska – except The Groomer Certification (according to EU rules) I have the veterinary technologist diploma, so I can help and advice in animal everyday care and nutrition. I try to answer to all the question.

I happy owner of the two dogs – "CZARNA" – great Giant Schnauzer, small and sweet mixed-breed dog – "SMUTUŚ" and cat - "RONDEL".


Grooming(Cut) and Bath:

- Yorkshire terrier: 150 zl
- Shih-tzu: 160 - 180 zl
- Fox Terrier: 170 - 200 zl
- Spaniel: from 250 zl
- Maltese Dog: 160 - 180 zl
- West Highland White Terrier: 200 - 250 zl
- Jack Russell terrier: from 160 zl
- Miniature Schnauzer: 160 zl
- Standard Schnauzer: 200 zl
- Giant Schnauzer: 300 - 400 zl
- Russian Terrier: 400 - 600 zl

The price for a service depend how dog looks like and how he behave :)